Drilling a water bore when building

Submersible bore drilled waiting for pump
Submersible bore drilled waiting for pump

If you are building a new house and thinking of having a new submersible water bore installed then we would normally do it in two stages.

Stage 1 – Drill, case and air develop the bore hole itself. As long as access for a drilling rig is not going to be restricted. This can be done just after the slab is placed or after the house is built.

This Perth customer knew access was doing to be restricted by limestone perimeter walls he was building so we drilled the bore hole when it was just a vacant lot. The bore casing left protruding above ground so it was obvious and protected from damage.

Stage 2 – After the house is completed and power connected we will return and install the submersible pump and motor. The bore casing will be cut off below ground and everything is connected.

If we can help you with a new submersible water bore at your new home please call one of the team on 9246 0111.