New reticulation system Noranda

We drilled a new submersible garden water bore here last week at this house in Noranda, now we
have installed a new reticulation system. With the extra flow from the bore versus mains scheme water we were able to run pop up sprinklers for the lawn on one station and separate micro sprays for the garden beds on another. The half sprinklers that face the house backing onto the kerb are prone to car tyre damage. So we installed come concrete surrounds to this line of sprinklers and those on the edge of the driveway.

New retic & bore Noranda
New reticulation system Noranda

With the installation of a water bore the client is now able to use their new Noranda sprinkler system three days a week instead of only two days allowed from mains water. This Noranda front garden is about to have a new lawn laid. They will be able to apply for a new lawn exemption and water the new lawn more often details here

While we were there, we popped our head over the side fence and took a look at the neighbor’s garden. We drilled a bore there last year and their garden looked great. Word of mouth gets us a lot of new bore and reticulation jobs.

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