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Bore Repair Armadale

Patrick from Armadale rang us on 9246 0111 when his submersible pump motor was not working.

We sent our specialist bore electrician, Dave.

Bore control in roof space

The Franklin Electric 1.5 kW  single phase bore pump start box was in the roof space with 24 volt relay behind meter box panel. This is a very unusual place to find the bore  controls as the start box contains the capacitor and overload circuits. Also unorthodox place to position the 24 volt relay that accepts the start signal from the retic controller.

Pump running but no water

The pump motor was running but only drawing 7.7amps which is more consistent with  a 1.1kW not a 1.5kW submersible pump motor.

Top of submersible bore under lawn

Dave exposed the bore head which was located in the front lawn. The top of the bore was just under the lawn with the typical green lid. There was no barrel union (threaded coupling) so he drilled a small hole in the top of the PVC pipe connected to the retic system and found there was no water in it as would be normal. This could signify a check valve failed in the pump or a blown poly line that brings the bore water to the surface.

Return to pull out submersible pump

Our next step will be to winch up the pump motor to investigate further and then repair this Armadale water bore. Our submersible pump winch team is booked to return.

If you are in the Armadale area or any Perth suburb and your water bore needs repair call us on 9246 0111 or book your bore repair here

Water Bore Repair Electrical

Often we get called to bore pump problems where customers have been told by someone, even by electricians, that the problem “must be the pump” and it needs replacing.

There can be a vast number of reasons why your water bore is not working. If you call on 9246 0111 we will talk you through the problem over the phone. We will then send the correct person to diagnose/fix your water bore.

If we think it is an electrical problem we will send one of our specialist bore electricians.

Electrical problem with domestic water bore Perth
Our specialist electrician fixing water bore

It can be hard for the inexperienced to diagnose bore pump faults particularly with submersible pumps. Often though we find on closer examination it is a control equipment or wiring issue. Our specialist bore electrician tracks down faults and repairs bores, retic and pumps on a daily basis. We have the correct diagnostic equipment and years of experience so we will save you time and money.

If your water bore needs repair call us on 9246 0111 or BOOK A BORE SERVICE HERE

What does a Pressure Release Valve do?

Pressure Release Valve

Pictured is a pressure release valve or they can be referred to as a pressure relief valve. It is designed to open and release water if the pump is started and the water has nowhere to go.

They are often used when we install a tap connected to a water bore. The valve is spring-loaded and set to open if there are any mishaps with the bore pump running and the tap being accidentally closed.

Also if your solenoid valves in your water bore reticulation fail to open and the pump is running the Pressure Release Valve allows the water to escape and helps prevent damage.

Pressure Release Valves are either preset or calibrated and adjustable. If the submersible pumps is run whilst the water flow is overly restricted or shut off (dead-headed) there could be overheating of the pump motor, in turn causing the rising poly main which  carries the water up from the pump to get hot blowing a hole in the side of the softened pipe.

If your water bore needs repair in the Perth area call us on 9246 0111 or book an online service HERE

Drill new bore Baldivis

Virgin Water Bores recently drilled a new bore in Baldivis.

The last man onsite is normally our Jack who connects the bore to the existing reticulation system and tests that everything is OK.

He then makes sure the stations are balanced. This means he often doubles up existing retic stations so two come on at once to accommodate the higher flow from a bore. He then tidies up and makes sure everything is working perfectly before handing over the job to the customer.

The existing retic controller now turns on the bore for a supply of free groundwater, programmed to come on an extra day a week as allowed. This bore is carefully concealed under the paved driveway.

For a quote on a new submersible garden bore please call us on 9246 0111 or enquire online.