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Old Bore Well Needs Repair Dianella

Jeremy from Dianella phoned us this week saying that the pump on his old style bore well was tripping and was in need of repair.

Our specialist water bore electrician was the man for the job! There was one well liner and it was in the back yard. Most of the bores in the lower lying parts of Dianella are quite shallow. Some up on the hill can be very deep!

old bore Dianella repaired
The isolation switch on the side of this bore well was faulty.

Although the three phase centrifugal pump motor tested OK there was a dead short between phases and the isolator had burnt out wiring.

Bore pump fixed Dianella
This bore pump isolation switch in the well was the culprit

Dave replaced the isolator and renewed all the wiring and the bore pump is working again.

If you have a bore problem and need to get an old style well with a tin lid repaired call us on 9246 0111 or visit our website HERE

Fix old style well Perth

Old style well
Old style well

We are available to help out anytime. Today is a public holiday Monday and we were able to help out when Wayne called with a question about an old well south of the river. He rang us on 9246 0111.
Wayne has an old well style bore which is one liner deep. He had removed the sprinkler to flush out a line of accumulated debris. The pump was running but he wasn’t getting any water. Unfortunately he had run the pump at a flow higher than the bore could sustain. We explained to Wayne over the phone how to prime his “orange” pump and he was set to go. That was good news as he had just sold his house and needed his bore and retic working before settlement next week. He was going to get back to us if there were any further issues with his well.
If we can help with an old style well phone one of our team on 9246 0111.

The bore pump in my old well has lost prime. What should I do?

Onga bore Perth Priming point on “Onga” pump

Presuming the pump is running but there is no water being delivered then it is most likely a priming issue. First check though that it is

Centrifugal pump Perth Priming point on “Davey” pump

not a surface reticulation problem with a manual gate valve having been turned off or an automatic solenoid valve not opening. Sometimes, if the centrifugal pump style bores have not been run for a few weeks, they lose prime through a slow leak.

Often just priming the pump and making sure it is run every few days will overcome the problem. There is usually priming point on top of the pump. Sometimes a priming point may have been put at the top of the well in the main line.

If it is a serious leak it will need repairing.

Check valve Perth
Brass Check Valve
Bore check valve Perth
Philmac Check Valve

It might be the check valve that needs replacing. It could be leaking gland-packing or even a leaking mechanical seal.

Sometimes it is the “bottom prime” i.e. the water under the check valve in the pipe that goes down to the water table has escaped.

Call us, we will ask a few questions and give you some options. on 9246 0111 or visit our main website here. Our mobile service teams cover all of Perth greater metro area including outer suburbs.