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Water bore Cottesloe

Cottesloe water bore
Drilling over low wall Cottesloe
Cottesloe bore over existing wall
Drilling Cottesloe water bore over wall
Water bore tight access coastal  suburbs
Getting casing ready for water bore Cottesloe

Last week our water bore drilling team drilled a water bore in a very difficult to access site in Cottesloe.

The front wall had already been built and there was no other way to back our drilling rig onto the property as the carport extended out to the footpath. We backed our drilling rig up to the low front wall so the platform overhung it. We then jack hammered out the footing of the wall and then drilled our 20 metre deep water bore in the raised garden bed.

With the mild salinity concerns in Cottesloe we are always cautious not to drill too deep here. The fresher water is less dense then the more saline water and consequently ‘floats’ on top.

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Drilling water bore in driveway

We installed a new submersible water bore for a client who knew there would be problems with access for the water bore drilling rig. All suburbs 9246 0111. 

We couldn’t use any of our portable or smaller drilling rigs because the ground was mainly limestone. We knew from experience the limestone would go all the way down to his required depth of 28 metres and it needed the power of our truck mounted drilling rigs to be drilled successfully.

Tight access drilling
Neat hole in drive way ready for bore drilling

There were large brick walls around the entire property so the only option was to drill the bore in his driveway. Normally a simple job to drill a bore in a driveway if it is paving. Then we simply lift pavers, drill the bore, install and connect the submersible pump and then replace the pavers. But this driveway was poured aggregate. Customer was determined to get a bore. Solution…we arranged a contractor to cut a neat circular hole in the aggregate driveway.

Water bore drive way cut out
Water bore driveway cut out

We preserved the circular cut out. After bore drilling and installation this same cut out plug shown here was put back as the lid over our bore box. 

It was a very neat solution. Ring us with your Perth water boring challenge on 9246 0111 or read more about getting a modern submersible water bore here.

Perth Water Bore Drillers

Last week our water bore drilling  bore team at Virgin Bores, drilled a successful bore hole in for a customer in Applecross.

First the drillers back their rig onto an accessible area of the front lawn that the customer was happy with. Depending on the depth of the hole, the actual bore drilling normally takes less than half a day.

After drilling the bore is “air-developed” a process where compressed air is pumped down the borehole to clean the drilling muds and develop flow.

As you can see below in the pic of air developing a great result – lots of water and it looks crystal clear.

The submersible pump is normally installed the next day followed by the bore electrician and finally the reticulation connection if required.

We have been in business a long time and have vast experience in the Applecross area. We can repair your Applecross bore if there is an problem with your bore.

Applecross drilling a new water bore
Drilling a new water bore in Applecross

If you would like a quote for a  new water bore, go to our main website or call us on 9246 0111.

Air-developing water bore in Applecross
Clear water from water bore drilled in Applecross
new gaden bore
Water Borers have left- next step is pump installation.