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Girrawheen Water Bores


Today we were busy talking to customers about water bores and water bore repairs on 9246 0111.

Water bore Girrawheen in driveway
The top of the water bore cut into driveway

We just completed drilling a new submersible bore in Girrawheen. This bore was drilled to 42 metres deep and because of access restrictions for our drilling rig we drilled this bore in the driveway. Once the submersible pump is installed only a small access hatch will be visible that can be driven on.

We have drilled in Girrawheen and surrounding suburbs for many years so have an excellent knowledge of the ground conditions.

Girrawheen water bores are mostly in the 25 to 50 metres deep range.

Out of interest – “On 26 June 1970, the Shire gazetted the name “Girrawheen”, meaning “place of flowers” or “the place where flowers grow” in an Eastern States Aboriginal language, possibly that of the Kambuwal people in southeastern Queensland” (source: Wikipedia)

Flowers .jpg

To drill a water bore in the place where the flowers grow call us on 9246 0111  or visit our website

Water Bore Quote Ferndale

Today we visited a customer in Ferndale about a new water bore for their home after they rang us on 9246 0111.

Ferndale is a south-eastern suburb of Perth and is in the City of Canning.

There are clays and potential salinity in the area so we would use our considerable local knowledge and experience to ensure water flow is maximized and salt level is minimized.

The 4 inch submersible bore hole will be drilled to about 18 meters as that is the base of the superficial acquirer at this particular house. The Department of Water data base gives us a lot of the information we need.

If you would like a quote on a new submersible bore HERE or call us anytime on 9246 0111.

We have also drilled many water bores in the surrounding areas of Wilson, Lynwood Riverton and Cannington. With nearly 20 years in the business we have the expertise.


Out quoting on a Sunday
Out quoting on a Sunday

Perth Water Bore Drillers

Last week our water bore drilling  bore team at Virgin Bores, drilled a successful bore hole in for a customer in Applecross.

First the drillers back their rig onto an accessible area of the front lawn that the customer was happy with. Depending on the depth of the hole, the actual bore drilling normally takes less than half a day.

After drilling the bore is “air-developed” a process where compressed air is pumped down the borehole to clean the drilling muds and develop flow.

As you can see below in the pic of air developing a great result – lots of water and it looks crystal clear.

The submersible pump is normally installed the next day followed by the bore electrician and finally the reticulation connection if required.

We have been in business a long time and have vast experience in the Applecross area. We can repair your Applecross bore if there is an problem with your bore.

Applecross drilling a new water bore
Drilling a new water bore in Applecross

If you would like a quote for a  new water bore, go to our main website or call us on 9246 0111.

Air-developing water bore in Applecross
Clear water from water bore drilled in Applecross
new gaden bore
Water Borers have left- next step is pump installation.