New Submersible water bore Coolbinia

Sometimes it’s simply not worth fixing an old well style bore. This is especially so when they are very deep such as many of the old wells in Mt Lawley and Coolbinia. Often these old wells have a decades old centrifugal
pump at the bottom of 15 or so metre well with a rickety old ladder. Beneath the pump is often an old galvanized pipe going down a further 5 to 10 metres. This pipe or spear is also often on the verge of collapse.

After years of bandaid solutions as was the case of our client in Coolbinia it was eventually time to bite the bullet and put in a new submersible water bore. In this case access was restricted but we managed to back our drilling rig
so the drilling platform extended over the low front wall.

Once the bore box pictured here is covered over the new submersible bore will provide years of reliable service operating silently and invisbly deep beneath the lawn.

We have drilled many submersible water bores in the Coolbinia and Mount Lawley area. If we can help you please call us on 9246 0111 or visit our website on

New submersible bore in Coolbinia
New submersible bore in Coolbinia