Doubleview water bore

Doubleview submersible water bore 

There are several places in the Perth metropolitan area that are quite elevated and require a deep submersible water bore.

This water bore we connected in Doubleview is a good example. We drilled to 58 metres through mainly limestone and sand. We connect the water bore to existing reticulation and the electrical connections have already been done. In this case we are consolidating the client’s two existing controllers into just one. This is because we have far more flow from the bore.  The green box will be place over the hole and it will be covered in grass.

We have installed a 1.5 K submersible pump which is delivering about 80 litres a minute.

Other parts of the Perth metropolitan area that require deep submersible bores are near the water tower in City Beach, the elevated parts of Kardinya and Sinagra near Wanneroo.

Virgin Water Bores are very experienced in drilling deep submersible water bores. If you are in an elevated position and would like to save money with a water bore give us a call on 92460111 or check out our website HERE