New water bore Southern River

Southern River water bore
Location new bore Southern River

We are going to be drilling at this property in Southern River. 

We have drilled a lot of water bores in the Southern River area and know the groundwater well. The depth to water at this property in 4.3 metres and we would drill 18 to 20 metres into water.  The ground conditions in Southern River can vary with interspersed layers of clay which can inhibit ground water held. For this reason we often allow extra slotted casing, extra gravel packing and extra air developing to help compensate.

We would use a good quality Italian stainless steel pump, a 1.1 kw motor coupled to a 12 stage wet end. 

We attend the property to talk to our client about their requirements and about where we will drilling their water bore. Pictured is where we are looking at drilling at this property. 

We also service and repair water bores, bore pumps and reticulation systems in Southern River. 

If you are in the Southern River area and would like a water bore call 92460111.