Bore Repair Kingsley

We have been in Kingsley testing a 1.5 kw Red Jacket pump motor after Daryl rang us with problems with his submersible water bore. It has given faithful service as it is approximately 24 years old.

burnt junction box water bore repair kingsley red jacket pump
Check out the burnt out junction box in this bore in Kingsley. Down hole is a submersible Red Jacket pump.

Ultimately the pump motor tested OK for our specialist bore electrician Dave but the original tests read dead short to earth. He found that the junction box in the borehead was completely burnt out. Dave replaced the junction box for new and all is working again. He did a Tong Test which was at 11 amps well within range.

red jacket bore pump Perth
Initial tests on this submersible bore showed a dead short to earth suggesting that the Red Jacket pump motor had failed.

Dave drilled several holes in the bottom of the junction box to allow water to drop out and not fill up in the future.

We have drilled and repaired a number of modern submersible water bores in the Kingsley area and the surrounding suburbs of Padbury and Woodvale so we understand the ground water conditions in the area. Call us on 9246 0111 or go to our website HERE