Bore Repair Armadale

Patrick from Armadale rang us on 9246 0111 when his submersible pump motor was not working.

We sent our specialist bore electrician, Dave.

Bore control in roof space

The Franklin Electric 1.5 kW  single phase bore pump start box was in the roof space with 24 volt relay behind meter box panel. This is a very unusual place to find the bore  controls as the start box contains the capacitor and overload circuits. Also unorthodox place to position the 24 volt relay that accepts the start signal from the retic controller.

Pump running but no water

The pump motor was running but only drawing 7.7amps which is more consistent with  a 1.1kW not a 1.5kW submersible pump motor.

Top of submersible bore under lawn

Dave exposed the bore head which was located in the front lawn. The top of the bore was just under the lawn with the typical green lid. There was no barrel union (threaded coupling) so he drilled a small hole in the top of the PVC pipe connected to the retic system and found there was no water in it as would be normal. This could signify a check valve failed in the pump or a blown poly line that brings the bore water to the surface.

Return to pull out submersible pump

Our next step will be to winch up the pump motor to investigate further and then repair this Armadale water bore. Our submersible pump winch team is booked to return.

If you are in the Armadale area or any Perth suburb and your water bore needs repair call us on 9246 0111 or book your bore repair here