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Woodridge Water Bore & Reticulation 

We have drilled many water bores in the Woodridge area and have experience in drilling deep water bores.

In general terms it takes us about a week to complete a Woodridge water bore with drilling, electrical and connection to your reticulation at your Woodridge property.

The depth to water in the area varies. Two of the water bores we have drilled in the area were 55 metres to water and 50 metres to water. Many people are interested in talking to us about a new water bore because they would like to save money.

We specialise in drilling these deep water bores in areas like Woodridge and Gabaddah.

Call us on 9246 0111 for a chat about a new water bore or repair of a bore and reticulation in the northern suburbs or get more information HERE .


Drilling a new submersible bore in Woodridge
We drill water bores in the Woodridge area
Water bore drilling in the Woodbridge area
The Woodbridge area

Water Boring Woodridge

Big day Monday in Woodridge as we are repairing an old water bore  that had a fused pump motor. Our service team should have no problems winching it the 55 odd metres to the surface and changing the submersible motor. Meanwhile our parent company www.virginbores.com.au will be drilling a new water bore to a depth of 50 metres in Birdwood Dve Woodridge. Give us a call on 1300 734 3000 with any water bore requirements in the area.