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Replace Centrifugal Pump Perth

This old centrifugal pump was in a shallow 3 liner well style bore in Perth.

We can repair the old style wells up to 4 liners deep. We replaced this pump with a new pump.

The old style wells with concrete liners have tin “witches hat” style lids and the pump is visible once you lift the lid.

We stock compatible replacements for most brands of centrifugal pumps including, Onga, Davey, Calpeda, Weststate, Lowara and Stalker.

Call us 7 days on 9246 0111 if your old style well needs repair or book a call back on line here.

Bore not working Bassendean

Earlier this month our specialist bore electrician went to a client’s home in Bassendean to test a three phase centrifugal pump motor. It was reported that the bore was not working.

The pump was running but there was no water. It was a 2 liner well on the right hand side of the driveway.

Bassendean bore well needs repair
Old style well in Bassendean needs priming

We primed the well and all is working OK and tested OK.

Tested OK after repair well in Bassendean
Testing pump after repair of Bassendean old style well

If you have an old style well with a tin lid in the Bassendean area or the surrounding areas of Beechboro or Bayswater that is in need of repair we are the experts after nearly 20 years in the business.

Call us on 9246 0111 or book in a bore service here

Old Bore Well Needs Repair Dianella

Jeremy from Dianella phoned us this week saying that the pump on his old style bore well was tripping and was in need of repair.

Our specialist water bore electrician was the man for the job! There was one well liner and it was in the back yard. Most of the bores in the lower lying parts of Dianella are quite shallow. Some up on the hill can be very deep!

old bore Dianella repaired
The isolation switch on the side of this bore well was faulty.

Although the three phase centrifugal pump motor tested OK there was a dead short between phases and the isolator had burnt out wiring.

Bore pump fixed Dianella
This bore pump isolation switch in the well was the culprit

Dave replaced the isolator and renewed all the wiring and the bore pump is working again.

If you have a bore problem and need to get an old style well with a tin lid repaired call us on 9246 0111 or visit our website HERE