Water bore Perth Coastal Strip

We drilled a new submersible water bore in this week for a customer in Sorrento 9246 0111.

After nearly 20 years in the “boring business” we have drilled many new water bores on Perth’s coastal strip.

The quality of the water at this Sorrento water bore was great. Salt levels perfect at 450 ppm. We drilled the bore in back yard via side gates as there was no access to front garden near electrical meter box.

Our electrician simply connected it up and over through the roof space. The number of stations on this retic system were halved when we connected the bore to accommodate the extra flow from the 1.5 hp submersible bore pump.

For an online quote on a new bore Sorrento or any of Perth’s coastal suburbs click¬†HERE¬† or call us 9246 0111.

The job didn’t finish after the bore was completed. We then modified the garden reticulation system and added gear drive sprinklers to the verge.

Drilling rig drilling water bore Sorrento
Water bore being drilled coastal suburb of Sorrento

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