Submersible bore Aubin Grove

Virgin Bores will soon be drilling a new water bore for another customer in Aubin Grove. We visited to check out where we are going locate the bore (pictured) As we arrived they were putting up Christmas decorations. 

We have drilled a lot of water bores in Aubin Grove and know the groundwater in the area well. The start of water bearing ground is about 5.5 metres below this block. 

We will drill this customer  an 18 metre submersible water bore. The new water bore would be concealed beneath the lawn. 

The bore will be drilled by a modern and powerful rotary mud drilling rig. 

Our client works in I.T. and is very computer savvy. He is going to interface the single phase bore pump start box to be automatically controlled by his fully programmable “open source” reticulation controller that he imported from the USA. 

If you live in Aubin Grove, Hammond Park, Success or Atwell and you would like a water bore at your home call us on 92460111. 

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