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Bore Repair Lockridge

We have nearly 20 years experience in installing, repairing and servicing water bores in the Perth Metropolitan area. This means we have a depth of knowledge and experience to tackle any challenge.

Reticulation Connection in Lockridge

BUT not all bore connections are as hard as this one in Lockridge!

Connect new bore to older reticulation connection
Lockridge reticulation has to be connected to new bore

Our client was a church in Lockridge. We drilled a modern submersible water bore replacing their old style well with a tin lid.

Jack disconnected this retic system from the old bore and connected it to the new submersible bore we have just drilled.

As you can see all the fittings were waist deep in an old pit. Not pretty but nice work Jack!

Lockridge water bore connection to reticulation
Connection of old reticulation system to new water bore

So anywhere in the area Lockridge, Eden Hill or Kiara if you your water bore needs repair or you would like a new submersible water bore, call us on 9246 0111 orĀ go to our website here

Drill new bore Baldivis

Virgin Water Bores recently drilled a new bore in Baldivis.

The last man onsite is normally our Jack who connects the bore to the existing reticulation system and tests that everything is OK.

He then makes sure the stations are balanced. This means he often doubles up existing retic stations so two come on at once to accommodate the higher flow from a bore. He then tidies up and makes sure everything is working perfectly before handing over the job to the customer.

The existing retic controller now turns on the bore for a supply of free groundwater, programmed to come on an extra day a week as allowed. This bore is carefully concealed under the paved driveway.

For a quote on a new submersible garden bore please call us on 9246 0111 or enquire online.

Submersible bore Aubin Grove

We will be drilling a new submersible water bore for this front yard in Aubin Grove. We visited to check out where we are going locate the water bore (pictured).

Spot for new water bore Aubin Grove
Location of water bore Aubin Grove property

We have drilled many water bores in Aubin Grove area and know the groundwater in the area well. The start of water bearing ground is about 5.5 metres below this block.

We will drill this customer an 18 metre modern submersible water bore. The new water bore would be concealed beneath the lawn and covered by a small rectangular green lid.

The bore will be drilled by a modern and powerful rotary mud drilling rig.

Our client works in IT and is going to interface the single phase bore pump start box to be automatically controlled by his fully programmable “open source” reticulation controller that he imported from the USA.

"Open Sprinkler" imported from the US
Open Source reticulation controller Aubin Grove

If you live in Aubin Grove, Hammond Park, Success or Atwell and you would like a water bore at your home call us on 9246 0111.

We also repair water bores, design and install new reticulation systems and repair reticulation in Aubin Grove, Hammond Park, Success and Atwell. If you live in the area and have any questions go to our information packed website HERE