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Replace Centrifugal Pump Perth

This old centrifugal pump was in a shallow 3 liner well style bore in Perth.

We can repair the old style wells up to 4 liners deep. We replaced this pump with a new pump.

The old style wells with concrete liners have tin “witches hat” style lids and the pump is visible once you lift the lid.

We stock compatible replacements for most brands of centrifugal pumps including, Onga, Davey, Calpeda, Weststate, Lowara and Stalker.

Call us 7 days on 9246 0111 if your old style well needs repair or book a call back on line here.

Lowara bore pump problem in Perth?

Lowara bore start box

Lowara submersible pumps and motors are a good reliable Italian brand but, like anything, they can have their own idiosyncracies. We specialise in servicing Lowara submersible pumps and their stablemates, Centripro and Marlow. We have over a decade of practical in-the-field service and pump repair experience. A problem that does from time to time present itself with some of the earlier Lowara single phase motors is blown start capacitors in the bore start box. It is an easy fix for someone experienced in Lowara pumps and motors. Give our Perth bore service and repair hotline a call on 1300 734 300 and our mobile bore service team can help you. Or visit or main Virgin Bores website for more bore info and help.

We repair or replace all submersible bore pump and motor brands in Perth.

We repair or replace all brands of submersible bore pumps. Some of the more well known brands or stampings are Lowara, Grundfos, Franklin, Universal, Davey, Red Jacket, Orange, Sumoto, Arwana, Centripro, Marlow, Pioneer, Onga, B & L and Coverco.

Sometimes it is confusing when different terms are used when describing submersible pumps and some industry jargon can be understandably hard for the novice to decipher. Talking about domestic stainless steel submersible pumps in Perth we are normally referring  to  4″ pumps ( designed to fit inside a 100mm borecasing). What is collectively referred to us the pump is actually two distinct and separate parts. The electric motor ( single or 3 phase) and the wet-end (or pump) which is the series of impellors. Both these parts bolt together and are almost always brand interchangeable i.e each brand fits together with each other.

Call us on 1300 734 300 for further info or help. We repair pumps and bores all over Perth.

Is my bore pump motor covered under insurance?

If your water bore is tripping the circuit breaker when turned on then there are a variety of possible causes. One of these is a fused motor. Ring us for free over-the-phone advice or book our specialist bore electrician to attend. We can certify it as fused if this is the case.

Perth Pump/Motor Fusion and insurance cover: Many household insurance policies covering Perth homes have fusion  cover for fused electric motors (sometimes referred to as burnt out motors). This generally applies to bore pumps of both the centrifugal (old well liner style with tin lid) and the modern submersible water bores.

A common insurance definition for FUSION is “The actual burning out of an electric motor or its wiring caused by the electric current in it.” In the case of either centrifugal bore pumps or submersible bore pumps this refers to the electric motor that drives them. Various terms are used to describe the event of fusion. Some will refer to the pump motor as “burnt out” or “fused”. Some insurance policies refer to power surges. Additional insurance cover may be provided for lightning or storm damage to bore pump motors. Your bore pump motor replacement may be covered under you insurance. We have over a decade’s experience replacing fused pump motors in Perth and surrounds. Garden water bores of the modern submersible type are our specialty. we also repair commercial bores and the old well liner type. Call us on 1300 734 300. Perth metro-wide.

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