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Replace Centrifugal Pump Perth

This old centrifugal pump was in a shallow 3 liner well style bore in Perth.

We can repair the old style wells up to 4 liners deep. We replaced this pump with a new pump.

The old style wells with concrete liners have tin “witches hat” style lids and the pump is visible once you lift the lid.

We stock compatible replacements for most brands of centrifugal pumps including, Onga, Davey, Calpeda, Weststate, Lowara and Stalker.

Call us 7 days on 9246 0111 if your old style well needs repair or book a call back on line here.

Fix or Replace Old Style Well

We were called out to a customer in Wembley to repair their old style well. You can normally recognize these as they have a tin lid.

Our specialist servicemen found the well was drawing sand because the screen below the ground had collapsed.

It was decided to replace the old well and centrifugal pump after many years of faithful service with a modern submersible water bore.

You will see in this vision how the sand is flushed out of the reticulation pipes with crystal clear bore water from the modern submersible bore.

A submersible bore only has a 10 by 10 inch lid which can be dropped below the lawn or garden or even the driveway. It is invisible and silent from the surface.

If you have been thinking about a water bore for your home in Wembley or the surrounding areas of Wembley Downs, City Beach or Floreat call us on 9246 0111 or visit our website HERE

Do I repair my old style well?

You will see many old style wells with a tin lid around Perth. Many are up to 70 years old and some have been dug by the home owner in the ’50’s and ’60’s.

My father dug the well for our family home in Applecross and it is still working.

Applecross bore repair
This old well-style bore is still limping along but will eventually need replacing. A submersible bore will be the way to go.

Many older Perth well style bores still giving faithful service after years of pumping bore water to the garden. Our specialist service team can keep them ticking over with a few industry tricks, priming solutions and centrifugal pump replacements.

Call us on 9246 0111 and we will talk you through the repair of your water bore well style or book a bore service HERE

Sadly though sometimes they are beyond economical repair and need to be “retired”. The best solution can be replacing with a modern submersible bore. Submersible bores have a small green lid which is usually ‘hidden’ under the lawn or garden. Submersible pumps are silent and very economical.

Call Virgin Bores to discuss a new submersible bore for your home and ask us how will it work, how long it will take and how economical will it be. Want to get an idea of cost for a new water bore at your house click HERE

Old bore pumping sand

We were called to repair an old well that was pumping sand in Mount Pleasant.

The spear has collapsed in the old well and it was producing sand blocking pipes and the solenoid valves.

The most economical solution for the Mt Pleasant home was to replace with a new submersible water bore.

Trying to fix old bore pumping sand This old bore well is pumping sand

Here we are looking for the solenoids for the reconnection to the new Mount Pleasant water bore.

If you are in the Mt Pleasant, Applecross or Ardross area and are thinking about a water bore call 9246 0111 or read more about your new submersible bore HERE

Old well lost prime Rivervale


This old style well in Rivervale has stopped pumping water and has lost prime. We got a call  on 9246 0111 from a client on Sunday who is selling his investment property in Rivervale.

His old style well in Rivervale has stopped pumping water with the he pump running  but no water was coming out. “My bore sounds like it is doing something – very noisy but no water coming out”. The homeowner kindly sent us some pics of the bore pump and well to help us work out the problem.

It is most likely a priming issue of some description. An air leak in the pump is a possibility as the client said the Perth bore pump ran dry for a while. This causes the metal housing to overheat which in turn can heat up the PVC pipe and distort it breaking the threaded seal and letting air in.

The cause may be a failed check valve, leak in the down borehole pipe or it may even be too far to the groundwater level in Rivervale at this time of year.

We will attend Rivervale on Monday and sort the problem as the client is in the process of selling the house. If we can help you with fixing an old well in Rivervale, Kewdale, Belmont or surrounds call on 9246 0111.

All service pumps, wells or bores anywhere in Perth. Happy to take your call 7 days a week or book an online service HERE

Old well lost prime
Old well lost prime
Stalker pump in well
Stalker pump in well