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Submersible Bore Tripping Mount Pleasant

James from Mount Pleasant phoned regarding his submersible pump that was tripping the circuit breaker.    (Call us anytime on 9246 0111 if you need help too)

The water bore was drilled in his driveway and it was very useful to know that the paver to show where the bore was located was a different color. As pictured the bore head was was covered by an old concrete lid pit.

Mt Pleasant submersible water bore needs repair
Head of submersible water bore under pavers in driveway

Our senior experienced bore electrician Dave reported the motor was about 8 years old. The 1.1 kw 2 wire subbie motor was dead short to earth and although the motor’s windings appeared to be intact the internal capacitor had ruptured. So we replaced it with a new 1.1 kw sunbmersible pump motor and replaced the start box and junction box.

Bore electrical junction box
We replaced the junction box too. This joins the cables coming up from the pump to the cables going to the house.

We have drilled and repaired many water bores in Mt Pleasant,  Applecross,  Bateman  Ardross and surrounds. We are very experienced with the conditions in the area. If your water bore or retic is in need of repair call us on 9246 0111 or check out our main website HERE



New Submersible Bore in Mount Pleasant

Finishing off a new submersible bore in Mt Pleasant
Finished bore box lid will be beneath the lawn.

Today Virgin Bores (our installation division) drilled a new submersible borehole south of Perth near the river in Mount Pleasant. This new bore replaces a 50 year old well style bore with galvanised piping and an old centrifugal pump that was beyond repair. The new submersible bore needed a larger than normal 2.2 kilowatt pump to water the quarter acre block in two stations. The house was quite close to the Swan River so our local knowledge was valuable in ensuring we did not drill too deep to avoid potential salinity problems.

For more details on drilling a new submersible water bore in Perth and surrounds visit http://www.virginbores.com.au