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Repair Water Bore Neergabby

We have repaired the water bore on this property in Neergabby north of Perth.

The New Holland Honeyeaters have found a great use for the bore water keeping cool on hot summers day.

Bore water is important for some of these rural properties in the area that are not on mains water.

Neergabby bore water & sprinklers
Bore water used at property Neergabby

We repair, maintain and service submersible water bores north of Perth in the Neergabby, Two Rocks, Gabbadah and Yanchep area.

Water bores in the area vary greatly depending on the depth to water.

If your water bore needs repair we do cover the area, give us a call on 9246 0111 or visit our website HERE

Water bores in Two Rocks

We have vast experience in drilling and servicing water bores in the Two Rocks area and surrounds over the last two decades.

We have drilled dozens of bores stretching from Yanchep and Two Rocks across to Seatrees Estate and  Breakwater Estate. Bores in the area range from some shallow ones right near the coast at Yanchep and Two Rocks typically around 18 metres and up to 60 metres further inland near Seatrees Estate and Breakwater Estate.

In the smaller residential blocks in Two Rocks we normally install 1.1kw submersible pumps perfect for normal home gardens. In the 5 acre blocks over at Seatrees and Breakwater we would normally instal a 1.5 or 2.2 kw pump to give closer to 150 litres per minute.

All new drilling and installations are handled by our new Bore team at Virgin Bores.

For bore service and repair call Troy on 0408 454 130 or if you live in the Two Rocks area and you would like to discuss a submersible water bore look HERE

Water bores drilled and repaired in the Two Rocks and Wanneroo areas
Over 15 years we have drilled and repaired many water bores in Two Rocks