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Submersible Bore Pump Replacement Carramar

If your bore pump needs replacing and you live in Carramar or the surrounding suburbs of Wanneroo, Joondalup or Neerabup we can help you on 9246 0111.

Replace Water Bore Pump Perth

Submersible pumps are very reliable and normally don’t require any pre-emptive maintenance or repair. However, on occasion, they may be susceptible to lighting induction or fusion. It is best to get a specialist bore pump technician or electrician to repair or replace your submersible pump. It will save time and money when you do the job properly. We can also advise on whether any bore pump motor damage may be covered in your household insurance if you have fusion coverage.

Replace Water Bore Pump Carramar

Here we are replacing a 1.1 kW single phase submersible pump in the Perth suburb of Carramar. We also replaced 28 metres of downhole electrical cable with special rubberized bore cable and stainless steel draw wire in this 34 metre deep Carramar garden water bore.

Our specialist bore electrician will then return to install a junction box and test. Once the pump is up and running we will connect back to the reticulation and make sure all is OK.

If your Perth water bore and reticulation needs repair or replacement call us on 9246 0111 or get more information on bore repair HERE

Repair Water Bore Leeming

Mel asked us to look at the modern submersible water bore at his son’s house south of the river in Leeming.

Top of water bore in Leeming
Leeming submersible water bore

We sent our specialist bore electrician Dave to do a range of tests to work out the problem. He tested the single phase two wire submersible motor and found it was fused. The motor start winding is damaged by rupture of internal capacitor.

In some cases a fused motor can be claimed on the householders insurance.

Repair water bore Leeming

Our service teams will return to replace the motor so the householders bore and reticulation will be up and running.

If your modern submersible water bore needs repair south of the river call us on 9246 0111 or we will ring you about your bore repair

Water Bore Repair Electrical

Often we get called to bore pump problems where customers have been told by someone, even by electricians, that the problem “must be the pump” and it needs replacing.

There can be a vast number of reasons why your water bore is not working. If you call on 9246 0111 we will talk you through the problem over the phone. We will then send the correct person to diagnose/fix your water bore.

If we think it is an electrical problem we will send one of our specialist bore electricians.

Electrical problem with domestic water bore Perth
Our specialist electrician fixing water bore

It can be hard for the inexperienced to diagnose bore pump faults particularly with submersible pumps. Often though we find on closer examination it is a control equipment or wiring issue. Our specialist bore electrician tracks down faults and repairs bores, retic and pumps on a daily basis. We have the correct diagnostic equipment and years of experience so we will save you time and money.

If your water bore needs repair call us on 9246 0111 or BOOK A BORE SERVICE HERE

Bore not starting Booragoon 

We had installed a bore for Bob in Booragoon a few years ago.

He rang to say the bore was not working. We sent out our specialist bore electrician Dave. The submersible pump motor tested ok and he noted that there was no 24 volt to relay from controller.

He found that there was a red multicore running along the pavers from below the reticulation controller to below the bore start box. The joint connection at the bottom of the start box was faulty so he remade it.

All working again on front 2 stations. There was no cover on station 3,4,5 and 6, it was cut off due to construction. He fixed.

We have drilled and repaired many bores in the Booragoon area and surrounding suburbs of Mount Pleasant, Myaree and Melville. If you have a problem with your Booragoon bore call Troy on 9246 0111 or if you submersible pump is not working find help  HERE

Reticulation controller wiring
Reticulation controller of broken bore

Water bore start capacitor problem

We often get water bore repair calls where the problem turns out to be the start capacitor. Call on 9246 0111. 

Water bore start box and capacitor
Start capacitor and start box
Start capacitor in start box
Start capacitor in start box

In a single phase submersible bore pump the start capacitor is ordinarily in the 240 volt start box. Three phase submersible pumps do not have start capacitors. In some centrifugal pumps the capacitor can be mounted externally on the pump motor housing. It is surprising how often a faulty capacitor is missed as the cause of a bore pump problem particularly when tests are carried out by someone who is not specifically experienced in bore pump service work. Even trained general electricians can misdiagnose this simple problem.

Often a capacitor problem can spotted visually as it will commonly swell or rupture. A start capacitor should be perfectly cylindrical. Sometimes though a faulty capacitor can only be diagnosed by the serviceman actually testing it when disconnected. As the start box is mains powered it does need a licensed electrician or certified electrical worker to test and replace the start capacitor. Our specialist bore electrician Dave is expert at this. 

Burnt out start capacitor
Close up burnt bore start capacitor

One of our clients from Baldivis sent us these pics of inside his submersible water bore start box.

This is a single phase start box and is a particularly dramatic example of a blown start capacitor.

Burnt bore start capacitor Perth
Burnt bore start capacitor in start box

Our mobile bore service teams carry a variety of different size start capacitors and can quickly diagnose and fix this common bore problem. We repair water bores in all Perth suburbs, call us on 9246 0111 or book a service online

Water bore faulty Perth

The sprinkler bans in Perth end at the end of August. We encourage you to only start using your Perth sprinklers when the garden needs it.

Perth bore owners have been out testing their water bores for the first time this spring. Some are faulty!

Electrical fault water bore
Bore electrical specialist working on submersible bore

We are hearing similar stories like  “I’m starting my bore and the circuit breaker is tripping or fuse is blowing, what should I do?”. We would send our specialist bore electrician Dave who has been doing this for years and is expert and experienced with water bores. He has special equipment to test the circuits & windings of the motor. We can do this without winching the pump up.

We remind our customers that if it is a fused bore pump motor it may be covered under household insurance. Also if the fault is storm related even damage from lightning induction that then this too may be subject to an insurance claim.

Submersible water bore from surface
Top of submersible water bore

To have the matter attended to first by specialist bore repairers who can correctly diagnose the fault and possible cause call the team on 9246 0111 or book an online service and read more about faulty water bores HERE

Bore Repairs Claremont

We have just repaired a water bore in Claremont for an elderly client.

We talked to the customer on the phone and identified the fact we needed to send our specialist bore electrician, Dave. He found the submersible pump motor was not working and certified it as fused so the client could claim on her insurance. Her insurance policy covered pump motor fusion. It was quite deep for a Claremont bore so we had to winch the pump up over 30 metres.

We install and repair water bores in the Claremont area and surrounding suburbs of Nedlands and Dalkeith.

Call us anytime on 9246 0111 or book a bore service here 


D.O.L. bore starter
3 phase bore pump starter

Bore light stays on?

Familiar call today from a lady who happened to live in Sorrento, but we get similar calls from bore owners all over Perth. “the light on my bore box on the wall has stayed on even after I have turned the reticulation controller off “.  This can turn in to a bigger problem so first things first, if you are reading this blog and your bore box light is on but there is no water pumping out anywhere please straight away turn the bore mains power off.  Turn it off by either turning off the circuit breaker ( or pulling the fuse) labelled “bore” or “pump” that you will hopefully see in your meter box. Or turn off the bore box isolation switch that is located on the bore box on the wall. ( this is called a bore start box, not to be confused with the reticulation controller). Worst case if you can’t turn it by either of these two methods then turn off your mains power master switch and call us pronto on 1300 734 300.

Lowara bore start box

What has most likely happened is that your automatic reticulation controller has correctly sent the 24 volt start signal to the relay in the bore start box and this has started the 240v bore at the same time as the reticulation controller has correctly sent a signal to open a solenoid valve allowing water to flow to the sprinklers. All good so far but then when the automatic reticulation controller has run through its cycle and shut the last solenoid valve the pump has continued to run. Most likely the start relay has stuck on and needs replacing. Prolonged operation of any bore pump with no water being able to flow (dead heading ) can cause a multitude of problems. Most commonly with submersible pumps the rising poly mainline will overheat and “blow”. With centrifugal well pumps overheating leads to several serious problems. Give our Perth bore service hotline a call on 1300 734 300 or visit our main website for more help on bores and reticulation.

Bore Pump stopped working?

Check the pump circuitbreaker or fuse.

Seems today was “D” Day with many Perth bore owners turning their water bores on for the first time this season….or should I say trying to turn them on. Calls today from Joondalup, Floreat, Landsdale, Safety Bay and Armadale all with a similar story. Either the pump cicuitbreaker was tripping ( or fuse blowing ) when the bore was turned on or nothing was happening at all. Some simple tests and solutions can be found in our Perth bore troubleshooting guide in this blog or call our Perth Bore Service Hotline    1300 734 300      Perth metro-wide    All Suburbs     We are specialists in both water bores and reticulation ( irrigation ) systems so whatever your problem we can fix it!