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Burnt Capacitor in Bore Start Box

At this Ellenbrook job our specialist water bore electrician Dave found that the capacitor in the bore start box had ruptured. The client had called us on 9246 0111 when their water bore stopped working.

When our Ellenbrook client reported their bore wasn’t working we talked to them on the phone and asked a few questions to determine who was the best person to send.

As you will see pictured the start box cover was damaged by the burnt out capacitor. After we replaced the capacitor and start box we tested the motor electrically and all was OK. Our electrician carries a meggar tester specifically to send a signal down to the submersible pump motor and back up again to test it against known benchmarks.

Start Box has badly ruptured capacitor that needs replacing
Badly ruptured capacitor in submersible bore start box.

We have been in the bore drilling and repair business for nearly 20 years and will promptly diagnose bore faults and will repair in an economical and timely fashion. We carry the majority of spare bore and pump parts onboard.

Water bore and reticulation service
Water bore and retic service & repair

We provide a fast local bore and reticulation repair service to Ellenbrook, The Vines, Aveley, Brabham and all throughout the Swan Valley.

If you need your water bore or retic repaired call us on 9246 0111 or learn more HERE

Thanks for contacting us.

New submersible water bore at South Perth units

Today we attended a block of very nice units in South Perth with a lovely idyllic garden.  However their yearly water bill is $5,000 and that is why they are installing a new submersible bore – to save money! 9246 0111 

Our new bore installation team at Virgin Bores are putting in a submersible water bore which will be drilled to 22 metres. The new bore will be connected to the existing automatic reticulation system. Our electrician will interface the existing retic controller to start the bore via a 24 V relay. The submersible bore will be hidden under the lawn.

The unit owners will enjoy free water to keep their gardens greener and under Perth water rostering because they have a water bore will be able to water three days a week instead of the two days a week allowed on mains water. Bore drilling in South Perth requires specialist knowledge and local experience because of the proximity to the river on two sides.

You can get more informationon water bores on our main website HERE or call 9246 0111 if you require a bore quote in any Perth suburb.

Retic controller South Perth
Retic controller South Perth